Snow Train steams into Warragul
 Baw Baw News   By // 12:18, Saturday 22 June 2013

snow train June 2013 1 warragul citizen by william kulich

STEAMRAIL Victoria’s steam-powered Snow Train tourist service made a brief stop at Warragul Station this morning as it headed toward Traralgon.

Pictured: the Snow Train approaching Warragul. Photo by William PJ Kulich.

Hundreds of people lined railway tracks in and between Baw Baw towns to see the steam train come through, with over 100 watching from Warragul Station and Trinca Lane in Warragul.


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Running over half an hour late, the train pulled up in Warragul at around 11am to drop passengers off for a winery tour and to pick up passengers heading to Mount Baw Baw, Walhalla, Erica and Traralgon.

The service continued on its way only a few minutes later.

Last year the Snow Train service did not stop in Warragul, but hundreds of people still gathered to watch it pass through Warragul and other towns in Baw Baw.


Local TAFE GippsTAFE opened its refurbished tea rooms at Warragul Station for visitors to see while the train was at the station.

The train is scheduled to stop at Warragul again at around 5.50pm tonight as it returns to Melbourne, and will run again on Sunday 21 July.

A Baw Baw Shire spokesperson told The Warragul Citizen shortly after last year’s run that Steamrail was impressed by the response from the region.

Last year 150 passengers visited Erica and Walhalla for lunch, booking out the Walhalla Goldfields Railway.


snow train June 2013 2 warragul citizen by william kulich
Pictured: approaching Warragul. All photos by William PJ Kulich.

snow train June 2013 6 warragul citizen by william kulich
Pictured: approaching Warragul.

snow train June 2013 4 warragul citizen by william kulich
Pictured: trainspotters check out R761.

snow train June 2013 5 warragul citizen by william kulich
Pictured: leaving Warragul.


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2 responses to “Snow Train steams into Warragul”

  1. Mary Rulach says:

    Without a doubt THE most exciting day this little old Granny has ever had was yesterday……
    Seeing , hearing, smelling, chasing and experiencing this mighty train….
    Was absolutely wonderful… wow oh wow oh wow…! <3

  2. Aberfeldy says:

    And Steam Rail is a not for profit, volunteer managed entity that keeps these fine machines and carriages on the main line for all to see…