Steamrail's Snow Train to stop at Warragul
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STEAMRAIL Victoria has announced its Snow Train tourist service will stop at Warragul twice this year, once next weekend and once next month, after only passing through last year.

Pictured: last year’s service passes through Warragul. Photo by phunnyfotos/Flicker. Used with permission.

CORRECTION (11.45am, 16 June): The train will be running on Saturday 22 June and Sunday 21 July, not on Saturday and Sunday of next weekend as previously stated in this article. Apologies for this error.


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In 2012 hundreds of people lined up near the railway line at Warragul to watch the train pass through in the morning and evening on its way to and from Moe and Traralgon.

This year the train will stop at Warragul to allow passengers to disembark for a bus tour of local wineries, Yarragon township and Moe’s Old Gippstown.

Stops at both Warragul and Yarragon were under consideration after the success of last year’s service.


The service will also run twice, on Saturday 22 June and Sunday 21 July, having only run on one day of one weekend last year.

A Baw Baw Shire spokesperson told The Warragul Citizen shortly after last year’s run that Steamrail was impressed by the response from the region.

“Streamrail has indicated that this was a roaring success and conversations about future additional train services have begun, with potential stops at Warragul and Yarragon being considered,” the spokesperson said.

Baw Baw food and wine businesses did not go unnoticed on last year’s service though, with a Baw Baw Shire-sponsored carriage serving local food to passengers.

Last year 150 passengers visited Erica and Walhalla for lunch, booking out the Walhalla Goldfields Railway.

Residents can expect to see this year’s service arrive at Warragul Station at 10.25am and 5.50pm on both Saturday 22 June and and Sunday 21 July.

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4 responses to “Steamrail's Snow Train to stop at Warragul”

  1. Please not that the train does NOT operate on Sat/Sun of the same weekend. Saturday 22 June, then a month later, on Sunday 21 July, the train will return again. It should also be noted that the Snow Train has been coming down to Moe/Erica/Walhalla/Mt St Gwinear for nearly 20 years as an annual event. It’s funny how Warragul has only noticed it since the BBS put some assistance in…yet Erica/Walhalla are in BBS and has received zero recognition for the work they have done with SteamRail for over 2 decades…says a lot really.

  2. Paul Gaskin says:

    Saturday 22 June and Sunday 21 July, the next month….

  3. Mary Rulach says:

    Could you please tell me what times the train will be coming through Warragul on Saturday and Sunday as I so want go and experience the beauty of the train each time it comes through our township.
    I have a passion for the old trains..
    Many thanks.

  4. Michelle Hateley says:

    Are passengers allowed to get on the train at Warragul?? If so, what is the cost involved??