Strained Drouin Business Group committee faces fold
 Baw Baw News   By // 03:20, Tuesday 2 April 2013

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THE DROUIN and District Business Group may have to fold if new committee members are not found in the coming year.

In an email to members, group president Trudy Tambassis said the DDBG would disband if committee membership fell.


Ms Tambassis later told The Warragul Citizen some present committee members are expected to leave their positions later this year.

“I believe and hope that I will gain a few more [committee members] as I do know three of my six will leave,” Ms Tambassis said.

Ms Tambassis said the present committee membership was only just big enough to keep the group going and the group must aim to double committee membership to twelve members to ensure its longevity.

“We have about 70 business members [and] to run this group… we need a minimum of five committee members to turn up to a meeting once a month to organise and discuss events, advertising, forums, Christmas, the Ficifolia festival and [more],” Ms Tambassis said.


“The problem is if only five to eight people become committee each year, which is what is happening, then each month for some reason the meeting falls short of five people due to busy lives and schedule (sic).

“I truly understand why business owners and members can’t commit to being a committee member when there is simply no extra time available to help.

“In saying that, if 12 members become committee members then only half would have to come and the meetings could still run without me cancelling meetings and feeling like it’s for nothing.”

Ms Tambassis said that despite the pressure the group was successful and membership was growing.

“The group gets some wonderful things achieved for the members and we are growing,” Ms Tambassis said.

“I have weekly emails from business people asking to join and that pleases me no end.

“The committee I have had this year and last have (sic) done an awesome job of being there for me, but it is still tough to find time to do what is needed to support our members.

“I have faith in the coming year as my contact with new people is growing.”


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One response to “Strained Drouin Business Group committee faces fold”

  1. Paul Gaskin says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have Drouin’s Business group merge with Warragul’s – the towns are complementary, not competitive, and – with population growing at 20% every five years – the two towns will finally merge.