Trafalgar railway crossing among most dangerous in state: driver survey
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THE ASHBY Street railway crossing in Trafalgar is one of the most dangerous in the state, a new survey of train drivers suggests.

Rail safety organisation TrackSAFE used driver responses to formulate a top ten list of bad railway crossings, which saw the Trafalgar crossing labelled the sixth worst in Victoria.


TrackSAFE spokesperson Bart Mellish told The Warragul Citizen the organisation hopes the results will keep state and federal transport ministers focused.

Mr Mellish said the group asked safety managers to ask drivers for a list of what they considered the worst crossings to be.

TrackSAFE Director and Australasian Railway Association (ARA) CEO Bryan Nye said in a media release train drivers help to inform railway crossing improvement debates.

“TrackSAFE involvement comes from wanting to keep pressure on the issue and allow train drivers to inform the debate,” Mr Nye said.


“Approaching level crossings can be a significant source of anxiety for drivers who have witnessed countless near collisions at them.

“The more promptly risky level crossings are upgraded, the sooner drivers will feel safer at work.”

The survey began in October last year with hundreds of drivers surveyed in Victoria.

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