Vandals smash council windows twice in five days
 Baw Baw News   By // 19:41, Tuesday 28 August 2012

Smashed: Council offices have been targeted by vandals twice in five days. The Smith Street office (pictured) has been attacked twice. Photo: Will Kulich.

Vandals smashed windows at the Baw Baw Shire Council’s Smith Street and Civic Place offices last night in the second attack on council properties in five days.

Update: More council windows smashed, previous offenders caught


Bricks were used to break windows at the Smith Street office and an adjacent bridal shop last week, and rocks damaged windows at the Smith Street and Civic Place offices and the West Gippsland Arts Centre last night.

Police are investigating the attacks.

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Baw Baw Shire Mayor Diane Blackwood condemned the attacks in a media release today and said anyone with information should contact police.


“We are taking these attacks very seriously,” Cr Blackwood said.

“At least one other business was hit in the first attack, a new business in Warragul – not a nice welcome to our town.

“It is ratepayers’ dollars that will go into fixing the windows that were damaged, not to mention insurance premiums rising as a result of the attack.

“I urge anyone who may have seen something suspicious to contact the police.”

Warragul Police can be contacted on 5622 7111.

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2 responses to “Vandals smash council windows twice in five days”

  1. Gerard Traynor says:

    With all the negative publicity around Baw Baw Shire council. What are the chances that protests have gone from debating about potholes via The Gazette to more hands on action. As stated in The Gazette, following the up coming elections council has a lot of work to do to regain ratepayer confidence.

  2. Hans van Meurs says:

    I do not agree with Gerard Traynor’s linking negative publicity about the council from some news sources to “hands on action” or vandalism of our communal property. I do not think citizens in our educated and democratic society are inclined to illegal acts. Apart from a few “wisers” who think they know more about road maintenance than qualified civil engineers, most people connect the wet weather with increased budget for repairs. There is an uneducated criminal or anarchic element in our community that does deface or destroy our assets such as windows, street signs, letterboxes and the like. I would be surprised if these would read a newspaper, be concerned about the road maintenance or even vote in council elections. They just do not care for our community and do not care for costs to ratepayers.