Warragul Business Group executive officer advises Warrnambool on crossings
 Baw Baw News   By // 23:30, Sunday 14 July 2013

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WARRAGUL Business Group executive officer David Cann has become a political player in Warrnambool after speaking against the introduction of roundabout zebra crossings in the coastal city.

Pictured: David Cann. File photo.

Warrnambool City councillors recently approved the creation of zebra crossings and speed humps on roundabouts in the city.


Mr Cann told Warrnambool paper The Standard roundabout zebra crossings in Warragul “caused traffic chaos.”

“The zebra crossings were impractical – stupid,” Mr Cann said.

“Traffic banked up across the intersection. It caused conflict between two sets of road rules – stopping for pedestrians and stopping in a roundabout.”

Zebra crossings on roundabouts in Warragul were removed shortly after introduction after a strong community backlash.


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One response to “Warragul Business Group executive officer advises Warrnambool on crossings”

  1. I am in total agreement regarding these roundabout pedestrian crossings. They only negate the proper workings of a roundabout.
    If there are plenty of other pedestrian crossings to use instead, they then should be the only ones to use in Warragul.