Works on Warragul's massive Newmason development begin [Video]
 Baw Baw News   By // 23:50, Monday 11 February 2013

EXCAVATIONS will begin at the Newmason site in Warragul’s CBD tomorrow after works were officially started at a sod turning ceremony this morning.

Above: Developer Brett Nielsen interviewed by The Warragul Citizen.Important: This video has an HD option. To change the video quality click on the cog that appears in the bottom-right of the video screen when you mouse over the video.

newmason sud turning warragul citizen by william kulich

Photo: (from left) Developer Brett Nielsen, MP for Narracan Gary Blackwood, Baw Baw Shire Mayor Murray Cook, acting Baw Baw CEO Melissa Harris.

The Mason Street site, former home to Dahlsens Warragul, is set to feature two floors of retail, corporate and medical businesses, a hotel and seven rooftop apartments by its completion in about August 2014.

Developer Brett Nielsen told The Warragul Citizen spaces in the precinct have already been sought by retailers.

“We currently have a lot of interest in prospective tenants,” Mr Nielsen said.

“We also have secured approximately 55 [to] 60 per cent of the ground floor area in the building already, and the good news about that is nearly all that is new businesses to the town.”


Mr Nielsen is touting the development as the biggest thing for the town since the first trains arrived.

“I don’t believe there’s been a single build in the town proper [on this scale] in [Warragul’s] history,” Mr Nielsen said.

“We’re talking about 12,000 square metres of floor area in one build.”

Mr Nielsen said the Baw Baw Shire Council and the public have been supportive.

“I think the community… want better offers in the town,” Mr Nielsen said.

“Obviously down the line… there is so much development happening, and I think it’s Warragul’s time.”

See and hear more by watching the video above.

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7 responses to “Works on Warragul's massive Newmason development begin [Video]”

  1. Heather says:

    Am confused . . how come this has the go ahead and companies like Big W, K Mart and a ‘real’ Target seem to be stopped . . we don’t need more small expensive shops we need large retailers where the every day family can shop and PARK !!!! No longer do I race around trying to fit in what needs to be done while worrying about a parking ticket . . Pakenham is just down the road and offers it all . . .

  2. Cheree says:

    So when is the council going to force warren turner to sale the old and derilect not to mention eyesore old petersvile site. So we can get a Kmart it target and keep warragul dollies in warragul. Maybe a kinder too that we are desperate for?

  3. Cheree says:


  4. UTF says:

    I must echo the above sentiments. I mean, Warragul has a demand for shops like Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi, K-Mart and Big W in particular. Not to mention how well Hungry Jack’s would go here…And that’s from someone who loathes
    Hungry Jack’s (YUK!)

    Though, I am hopeful we will get a few more known chains from this. Though, smaller ones with a more refined niche. Stuff like Jay Jays, Donut King and Muffin Break.

    Before we poo-poo the idea, let’s just see how it pans out. It could lead to bigger and better (and more essential) things I suppose.

  5. roy says:

    “Donut King and Muffin Break.”

    Of course for those of us with taste buds there is always Logans sandwich bar.

    anyway back on topic when were Big W, K Mart and Target ever stopped developments?

    A certain car salesman who owns the controlling interest in a dilapidated old dairy site close to the development had a planning permit expire because he chose to do nothing for 3 years if thats what you are referring to?

    Aldi didnt seem to have any trouble getting on with their own development after correctly assuming the previously mentioned development was going nowhere.

  6. UTF says:

    Just citing examples of what I expect we will see. Not posting a wishlist nor list of preferences.

    Taste buds? Logan’s Sandwich Bar, though?
    Obviously pur ideas of taste are different, as its far from the first Warragul eatery I’d associate with the word taste…

  7. Ally says:

    Thanks to The Warangal Citizen for the story, keep up the good work.

    This development is exciting news, actually any development in Warragul is exciting news, we have really outgrown this town and are in need of some serious upgrades.

    I do my best to spend my money locally but sometimes it’s just not possible and unfortunately I have to go to Pakenham to purchase what I can’t here.
    This development will create jobs too, another positive.

    Let’s just hope for more development in the near future…..and yes, parking and safer pedestrian crossings are also a huge priority.