Strong Themes: 17 May 2018
 Strong Themes   By // 19:34, Monday 25 June 2018

In this new section, our editor is creating short music playlists to accompany our headlines.

This Strong Themes was first published in the 17 May 2018 Baw Baw Citizen.


The links might sometimes be tenuous, but the music will hopefully make up for that!

We’ve included links to related articles and videos of each song – just hit the play button to listen.

I Can Smell The Leaves
The Olivia Tremor Control

A lazy seasonal pick, but it’s hard to go past this song’s dreamy guitars and a sound that would please any fan of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma and Meddle.



Digging in the Dirt
Liquid Horse (covering Peter Gabriel)

We’ve featured this piece from local cover band Liquid Horse before, but with Louise Sedgeman’s equine photography success and a feature about pot plants we’ll take the chance to get their name out again. A solid cover of the Gabriel classic with bonus points for featuring The Gloaming’s Angelo Saridis on guitar.


The Gloaming

It would be remiss of us to not mention this song given our feature on a podcast with the same name!


While far from the best song on Hail to the Thief, we can recommend the album as a whole for its well structured mix of incisive and melancholy styles. Assuming you can overlook Thom Yorke’s recent childishness, that is.


What would you pick? Let us know below!

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