Letter: Nude swimming at Warragul Leisure Centre – so what?
 Letters to the Editor: Baw Baw   By // 23:37, Thursday 1 August 2013

I just wanted to draw attention to, if no one noticed, the fact the ‘other’ newspaper in Warragul had a full page spread on nude bathing at the Warragul Leisure Centre this week (Warragul & Drouin Gazette, 30 July 2013, p1).

This was the most important thing that happened in Warragul last week!? Who cares?


This is an out-of-hours activity that helps to provide extra funds to run the pool facility. It is also conducted in private with suitable screening from the outside by consenting adults.

It is, quite frankly, embarrassing that in this day and age we would see such an article in a newspaper, not to mention on the front page.

Please world, grow up.

Roger Terril,




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3 responses to “Letter: Nude swimming at Warragul Leisure Centre – so what?”

  1. Wombat lyons says:

    when council only meets for 15 minutes maybe nothing bigger is happening

  2. Joan price says:

    At least it gave the yarn bombers a rest!!!!!

  3. IanF says:

    Here here Roger….I can only concur with your comments regarding that ‘other’ newspaper, it was a very tabloid moment on their part!