Letter to the Editor: Petrol prices out of line?
 Letters to the Editor: Baw Baw   By // 12:29, Saturday 13 April 2013

Warragul petrol prices were barely above those of suburban Melbourne when I moved here almost five years ago, but now they are normally 6 to 10c a litre dearer.

On Thursday 11 April I bought at 149.7 at Woolworths. Using the RACV Fuel monitor, which covers suburban prices but not country ones, I discovered these prices in the same hour I bought: Belgrave 143.9 – 144.9, Glen Waverley 140.9 – 142.7, Burwood 139.9 – 142.9.


It seems the failure of competition locally is becoming a problem.

Paul Gaskin,


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5 responses to “Letter to the Editor: Petrol prices out of line?”

  1. Ian Honey says:

    I have lost faith in the shopper docket system because after a discount docket the price is no less for fuel obtained elsewhere locally. We fill up at Bruce Cloughs (Nar Nar Goon) each time now. If we support Bruce Clough more and save up to ten cents per litre, It will keep pressure on the big retailers. Otherwise if Bruce shuts his door you can say hello to 1.50 (or more) all the time in West Gippsland

  2. Heather says:

    Didn’t Bruce sell out ??? It is now a Shell Station . . .

  3. Darryl says:

    I always fill up at Bruce Cloughs. After all he has been through he still manages the best and most constant prices around. If local retailers did the same, I would share my purchases, but until then, my business will continue to go out of the region.

  4. Bob says:

    Totally agree with these comments, I too fill up at Bruce Cloughs where possible. Shopper dockets are a joke, particularly Coles, where the local Servo jacks it’s prices up way above average to cover the discount. I believe these retailers must think consumers are a bunch of idiots

  5. wombat lyons says:

    I too fill up at Bruce Cloughs where possible. coles Shopper dockets do suck me me, i guess because when you buy that brand of fuel you can also get flybuys at the coles owned pumps. in Traf, the coles shell as the best customer service. I do however find the united in yarragon has good prices and oftern cheaper than traf and warragul pump prices.