McDonalds Warragul – Outgrown its location?
 Letters to the Editor: Baw Baw   By // 00:33, Monday 7 November 2011

An opinion piece by Wendy Mather.

Conditions during the September 2011 School Holiday break have raised a rather important question – Who is responsible for the Warragul McDonalds site and its positioning?

McDonalds is currently on a ridiculously small site, not allowing for their many visitors during the peak periods. Nor is it easily accessible to the custom of drivers or passengers of larger vehicles who would certainly carry the good news of the Golden Arches to be found here in Warragul.


Warragul is not such a small place anymore. We are flanked by Berwick (with three known McDonalds sites) and Moe (conveniently placed very near the freeway); so why should Warragul’s restaurant remain so small and out of the way?

Surely the mayhem and chaos of the holiday period could be avoided by the business being placed on a larger site. More registers could be opened to welcome the continually growing crowd, and even the McCafé could be made larger to handle the now higher demanding clientele seeking a quick Cappuccino or Latte. There could also be space for more tables and seats in the dining room and even a larger kiddie’s play area with seating for parents. Outside seating I know would be an extravagance but a great thing to have, and bigger and better parking would be a huge improvement on the currently almost non-existent area.

It would also mean growing employment positions for even more people; our young students for example.
With Christmas Holidays soon to be upon us something needs to be done.

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3 responses to “McDonalds Warragul – Outgrown its location?”

  1. wombat lyons says:

    I am sure McDonalds Warragul is making lots of money with out the need to move.

    the current set up befits shops around, cant park at maccas – thats okay – park down the street- oh as i walk to maccas i’ll just look in…..

    It also is important to the CBD of warragul- if it was out of town on the weekend- what would be open in the CBD of warragul – too many shops close at 1pm on saturday for warragul to be able to afford to lose Maccas

  2. stepo says:

    Yeah maccas their everywhere and sooner or later a bigger site will be found x

  3. Abu Khadijah says:

    Not that I ever, ever go into any McDonald’s store. But seriously, in what way is Warragul McDonald’s too small?
    It seems to have grown in terms of seating (since their renovations). Furthermore, it is fully equipped with a drive thru and a sizable car park out back.

    My take: Knock it down anyway. But if it’s to stay, don’t complain.