Poll: Are you happy with the direction councillors have taken Baw Baw over the past two years?
 Baw Baw Polls   By // 09:10, Friday 14 November 2014

4 responses to “Poll: Are you happy with the direction councillors have taken Baw Baw over the past two years?”

  1. Bente Jobsz says:

    Yarrogon has lost it’s charm, it has become more of an industrial township with tin sheds showing up every where, first thing you see when you drive in to Yarragon is tin sheds. Native strips are not kept clean around properties on factory road in particular, looks shameful and is to difficult for owners to manage. Noise from trains are horrendous people don’t get any sleep, or TV time. train tract is dangerous and should be fenced off. Yarragon dairy has now been heritage listed,without consultation with us, yet get no grant for maintenance only a larger and larger rate bill, for something councils don’t want to use and we can’t. It simply not right for council to charge high rates for heritage listed properties on Waterloo Rd and ask residents to pay a horrendous rate bill. Assistance would be very much appreciated.

  2. helene cunningham says:

    We still need more roads repaired in Hallora.
    Why dont you come up to the top of Allen Rd West

  3. Roger Marks says:

    The Counsellors have committed to $13 million for a new outdoor pool that will be a white elephant and which the people did not want. At the same time the demand for HACC is critical because it has increased by 25% but the number of workers had been reduced by 50%. The Council should employ young apprentices for this.

    I have asked my counsellors a few months ago to put a preservation order on a gum tree at the back of our property because it is home to various wildlife. Apart from thanks for your email, I have heard nothing.

    Looks like money for old rope.

  4. Irene Broadbent says:

    Baw Baw Council have been more open and certainly more honest than previous council, its like all forms of Government, one lot has to fix all the mistakes of the previous incompetent lot