POLL: Walhalla better in Latrobe City?
 Baw Baw Polls   By // 09:51, Friday 12 September 2014

5 responses to “POLL: Walhalla better in Latrobe City?”

  1. Steve Wandmaker says:

    I was the instigator of the formation of the Mountain Rivers Tourism group back in about 87-88 and it’s first President, so I think I’m qualified to comment on this subject. When I first put forward to bring all the businesses and Towns in the Mountain Rivers District together to help Promote our Natural areas and the the Tourism and business opportunities available we were met with disregard from the Latrobe Valley Council and offered no assistance to get things rolling. Any help we received initially was from the Latrobe Regional Commission in the form of Marketing ideas and contacts within Tourism Victoria, the help we received from Baw Baw Shire was in the form of consultation, monetary, grants and promotional activities which was by far supportive of our ideals. It wasn’t until Latrobe Valley Tourism got up and started swinging that they figured it was too hard to promote themselves as a destination, they started looking towards the Mountains as a way of making their product look Greener. It’s simple LV is an industrial style Tourism product which doesn’t fit in with the beautiful serenity and excitement that the Mountains can offer up, LV has on it’s own a great product but nobody has yet worked out how to sell it. We fought long and hard to keep our piece of the world away from the Latrobe Region, because if you call it part of the Latrobe Valley people can’t differentiate and will think it’s where the Power stations and open cuts are. By all means the LV should feed off what the Mountain Rivers Region has to offer and the people there can use a lot more support from all quarters, but don’t take away the reason these people have have battled for years without fanfare to accomplish…
    Yours Sincerely
    Steve Wandmaker

  2. Greg Allen-Pretty says:

    The funny thing is, if the Baw Baw Shire Mayor ever wanted to visit Walhalla, Rawson or Erica, he’d have to drive through Latrobe City to get there!

  3. Maree Hall says:

    Should have been transferred to Latrobe City when councils amalgamated. Facilities and infrastructure are much closer in the Latrobe Valley.

  4. lisa saliba says:

    I agree to the change from baw baw to Latrobe council

  5. lisa saliba says:

    I agree we should be in Latrobe council