POLL: What are the key issues for you this state election?
 Baw Baw Polls   By // 07:52, Friday 10 October 2014

7 responses to “POLL: What are the key issues for you this state election?”

  1. Marion Barnes says:

    The drug problem is a major concern for local residents . Not enough being done by government. David Snelling for Narracan Australian Country Alliance has made a commitment from his party if elected. Please review ACA’s drug commitment at http://www.auscountryalliance.org

  2. Dave Snelling says:

    We need to cut red tape for our farmers and open up the bush for more recreational activities.
    Our country roads need so much more work.

  3. Gordon Cooper says:

    The Islamic “Halal Certification”

    of the many food items in our major retail food outlets like Coles and Woolworths…..Some items are marked / most are not!!
    I would like all products labeled to enable me to boycott any “Halal Certified” Food.Any one who would like further information ..Google “Halal Choices” and “Boycott Halal Australia”

  4. Maureen Versteden says:

    The most important thing in our lives is our own and our chidren’s and grand-children’s health and well being. This will be swiped away if coal seam gas is allowed in Vic. google “fracking & health impacts and animals, or arsenic, or radioactivity or earthquakes or health reports, Tara Qld.” etc.

  5. Paul Kaech says:

    It is a disgrace that our government is still poisoning the population, the rivers and the oceans with Fluorides. This has to stop immediately because it destroys humans and the environment. So far no politician has had the courage to stop it. Why not? All politicians should come clean and explain where they have invested their money.
    Of course if politicians have shares in the companies that are supplying this very toxic poison they will not remove the very toxic fluorides.

  6. Simon says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t got health care & hospitals listed

  7. Jo Right says:

    The lack of clear labeling in the food and other industries. I concur with Gordon Cooper on religious unethical ways of animal slaughter. It concerns me how we are abandoning our Western values and way or life, in order to be ‘politically correct’.