Poll: Pakenham V/Line rules change
 Baw Baw Polls   By // 19:07, Monday 1 June 2015

One response to “Poll: Pakenham V/Line rules change”

  1. While I agree with prioritising the service for those travelling from further out than Pakenham, I think the article highlights one big issue, which is WHY is it much more expensive to travel on a V/Line service than on a Metro service? Yes I appreciate the distances are further etc, but isn’t the government subsidy of the rail companies supposed to ensure that the cost is spread and everyone pays a fair price? Back to the original topic, as a secondary question – just how much would it cost to put an extra carriage on each train? That would be the alternative to enable folk to still catch the V/Line from Southern Cross to Pakenham, while allowing everyone a seat for the whole journey.