Ellinbank A Grade on the verge of victory
 Baw Baw Sport   By // 11:56, Saturday 15 September 2018

EDNA • Ladder-toppers Ellinbank A Grade are looking to score another Grand Final win when they play Poowong in Warragul on Saturday.

First published in the 13 September 2018 edition of the Baw Baw Citizen.

While Ellinbank has had a dominant season, coach Taylah Wallace told the Baw Baw Citizen they are expecting a difficult game.


“It’s going to be a tough one, yeah, it’s going to be good,” Taylah said.

“We’re going to have some good match-ups in Nicole Vamplew and Ebony Bott, as well as Karina Proctor and Rhiannon Haines.

“We’re pretty pumped to have a good game.

“I think Poowong have played in every final to to get to the Grand Final, whereas we have only played the one to go straight in.


“They’re in good form as well so it’ll be a really good game.”

Ellinbank’s players have taken Poowong’s slightly longer trip to the final game of the season as a chance to do some research on their opponent.

“Most of our team has been watching the finals to see what their structures are and how they play,” Taylah said.

“We’re going to try and play our game and see if we come out on top.”

Things are looking good for Ellinbank after a 15-point victory over Catani in their previous finals game.

EDNA vice president Yvonne Porter said the Ellinbank v Poowong game is “gonna be a ripper.”

“Ellinbank have been the stand-out all year, but Poowong know how to play finals, they showed that today, they really weathered the storm,” she told the Baw Baw Citizen.

“It’s a cliche, but on the day anything can happen.


“Poowong know how to get the job done when it counts.

“Ellinbank will be confident, and rightly so. They deserve to be the favourites.

“It should be good. It will be really quite athletic, quite gritty netball, it’ll be bloody quick. They both play a really short, sharp game so it’s gonna be good for everyone to watch.”

The forecast great Grand Final will cap off a good year for the league.

“It’s been nice to see different teams in the finals this year,” Yvonne said.

“Seeing the clubs that have been rebuilding, it’s going well for them.

“In finals, the games have been fairly close and really well contested even when the [scores] are blown out a little bit.

“The standard of the game has been really high and it has been a good year. We love it here at EDNA.”

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