Family violence 'extremely prevalent' in Gippsland
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rosie batty from australian of the year website

GIPPSLAND // AUSTRALIAN of the Year Rosie Batty visited Warragul last week as part of her national campaign against domestic violence.

Above: Rosie Barry with her Australian of the Year award. Photo from Australian of the Year website.

Ms Batty spoke at a sold out Baw Baw Business and Community Network event attended by hundreds of locals.


Those in attendance heard Ms Batty’s story of resilience, courage and inspiration. Her relationship with a violent partner who ended up killing their 11-year-old son Luke has been at forefront of public discussion on domestic violence.

Ms Batty said her public speaking was about giving a voice to thousands of domestic violence victims in similar situations to what she faced. Gippsland is of particular concern to Ms Batty, who said the region has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Victoria.

“Family violence is extremely prevalent [in Gippsland],” Ms Batty said.

“It’s important to highlight the issue and support what has already been done.


“Gippsland is close to where I live and it’s important to support local communities.”

Statistics from the anti-domestic violence group White Ribbon Foundation suggest one in three women experience domestic violence in their lives.

Community perception of domestic violence must be addressed to stop the violence, according to Ms Batty.

“People find it uncomfortable to talk about domestic violence as a gender issue, which is the biggest hurdle,” Ms Batty said.

“The statistics say it all; men are perpetrating the majority of the violence.”

Men supporting community events and standing up against domestic violence is crucial.

“The challenge is to get the message across to male audiences and encourage men to support community events,” Ms Batty said.

“Men need to see the part they can play rather than seeing it as ‘feminist brainwashing propaganda.'”


Despite community discussion and measures implemented to combat widespread domestic violence, a lot of progress still needs to be made.

“There is a lack of resources for women and men, perpetrators and victims, to get the support they require,” Ms Batty said.

“We’re only at the start of things that need to happen.”

Australian police deal with a domestic violence case every two minutes. An estimated 657 cases require police intervention every day nationally, while in Victoria alone police deal with 68,134 family incidents in a year.

If you or someone you know know is experiencing family violence you can contact 1800RESPECT at or on 1800 737 732.

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2 responses to “Family violence 'extremely prevalent' in Gippsland”

  1. Jayne says:

    There is very limited resources for victims go to in the Gippsland Region. And with limited finance, where can you go? Nowhere, so with my hand tied behind my back, I’m stuck with a hubby who has erratic behaviour at times, more so when he is drinking. Having older parents with old fashion attitudes that it something that should not be discussed or believed or at least try to be supportive of my husband who has undiagnosed mental illness. Although since Family Violence has been brought out in the public domain my husband’s beheviour has slightly improved but I’m still wary of him. I can’t see my own 3 kids from my previous marriage as he has already threaten one of them and now I have to see them on the quiet. AVO does not work. It just a piece of paper. Livng in a small rural town in Gippsland does not help the situation. Would defintely like to see more resources for victims (both females and males) to have access to.

  2. Donna Lancaster says:

    I spoke to another kinder mum recently who was trying to get help for her daughter who had witnessed a violent attack by her father on her mother. After getting a referral, there was a 6 week wait for an appointment. Two days before it, with a stressed out, anxious child, the appointment was cancelled due to medical reasons by the counselor and couldn’t be rescheduled till feb. The mother had found another counselor for younger children, and after a 2 week wait all ready to go when the night before they get a text to say she is off sick. There is such a lack of support for all victims.