McMillan/Baw Baw, what’s important to you this election?
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With the 2013 Federal Election just under three months away, The Warragul Citizen wants to know what the biggest issues are for people living in Baw Baw when deciding who to vote for in McMillan.

What policies do you like and dislike and why?


What local issues would you like to see addressed though Federal policy?

What is important to you when you cast your vote?

What questions would you ask Russell Broadbent (Lib), Anthony Naus (Lab), Malcolm McKelvie (Green), David Amor (KAP) or anyone else standing for the seat?

Let us know using the comments form below this article.


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10 responses to “McMillan/Baw Baw, what’s important to you this election?”

  1. Horst Bulla says:

    Please stop the SMART METER system before it is switched on.
    Please stop the CHEMTRAILS in our sky.
    Please stop the FRACKING.
    Please stop SUSTAINABLE GROWTH (agenda 21)
    Please stop THE BOATS coming

  2. Ken Fraser says:

    Where does one start? There are so many areas that need addressing now thanks to successive governments wrecking the country over the past 40 years that to select those requiring immediate attention is difficult. However, the issues listed below are my immediate concerns, and not necessarily in the order detailed.

    1. CSG exploration and drilling to be stopped, Australia wide. There is no need to investigate this any further as the evidence is already available on how environmentally destructive this activity is.
    2. Immigration – stop illegal boat entrants and asylum seekers.
    3. A stop to smart meters, not just in Victoria, but Australia wide.
    4. Increasing imports destroying our local manufacturing industries and production capabilities at primary and secondary levels – see 6.
    5. Two in one: The continual decline in areas such as education, health, defence, to name only a few, whilst increasing foreign aid. Charity should begin at home until such time as we can afford it – stop the overseas handouts.
    6. Lack of and continual decline in government support for our:
    a. manufacturing and industry in favour of overseas companies and cheap imports (see 4.):
    b. primary producers; and
    c. small business.
    7. Taxation reform need greater attention to be fairer for everyone.
    8. Reintroduction of import tariffs – the so-called ‘free trade’ is all one way, and not in our favour.
    9. Abolish all local councils and have administrators managing affairs until such time as a better system of true ‘local government’ based on the Swiss system of direct democracy is introduced.
    10. I do not support same sex marriage.
    11. Hold a referendum to provide Australians an opportunity to overturn the 1977 referendum result on Senate Casual Vacancies – the one that got away. ALL members of parliament should be elected by the people, NOT selected by, with the approval of the relevant state govt., the party elected for the seat.

    These are only a very few issues that really need to be addressed – but will they ever be?

  3. Lorris Jones says:

    Nothing matters as much as reducing Carbon emissions as a matter of urgency. Without a planet which is liveable, all the above items are insignificant.

  4. Simon says:

    Effective policies to tackle climate change, including retention of the carbon tax
    Full equality for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans and intersex
    More investment in public education & health, instead of subsidising the private sector
    A humane policy towards asylum seekers
    Increasing Newstart, payments to single parents, supporting the most vulnerable
    Indigenous issues – improving health & education outcomes, abolishing discriminatory income management practices, supporting self-determination
    Support for the NBN
    No internet filter
    Greater investment in rail

  5. Simon says:

    I forgot – industrial relations – no return to Workchoices

  6. Phil says:

    Improved conditions for small business to create jobs, growth and a stronger economy. In return creates more money flow government through taxes. Hopefully a lower dollar,subsidies or tariffs in certain areas to protect companies from cheap imports.

  7. William J S says:

    I would like to see the Circus in Canberra stopped and get on with Governing Witch The Laborer Party can not do They ave a poor record at doing so .
    Lets clean up Australia on the 14th of September and dump ALP once and for all

  8. Paul Kaech says:

    1. No private health insurance rebate anymore. Invest the money into Medicare instead. Providing this private health insurance rebate only props up some insurance companies that could not survive without the help of the government. This is just wasting governments money.
    2. No baby bonus anymore, there is more savings for the government. If they want to support families then support them with tax deductions for families. No handouts.
    3. The carbon tax is a joke and should be abolished.
    4. Import tax should be reintroduced again to protect our jobs.
    Especially for the protection of our car and manufacturing industry.

    I received a letter from Russel Broadbent and he states, “Our plan will deliver a strong, prosperous economy and safe, secure Australia.”
    There is no detail about how he wants to achieve that.
    Another statement he made is “So it is critical that we stabilise things, get back to a surplus and start to pay down that dept.”
    Take note of the word “things”, this could mean anything could it not?
    The question of course is how he wants to achieve that. I suspect that he wants to sell and privatise just about everything in order to produce a surplus. We know from the past that the electricity was privatised in order to produce a surplus but today we are paying the price for it. The carbon tax is not the only problem that we are facing, it is the private corporations and their shareholders who are driving the electricity price up.

    These days just about everything is sold to the highest bidder without regard for the people of this country. We should never sell any properties to foreigners full stop. No public enterprise should be sold, especially to foreigners.

    The mining companies should pay more royalties for what they export because once there is nothing to mine anymore we will become just a poor nation. This nation should not sell just the iron ore and coal but we should at least process the iron ore here and sell the steel instead.
    Farms are sold to foreigners who will control the food production in the future also a lot of real estate is now owned by foreigners. Electricity, water, gas etc. just the same. Where are we heading? Is this the only way that we can produce a surplus by selling everything?

  9. Roger Marks says:

    1. Make health, education and safety a priority.
    2. Let same sex marriage die a death as it will do nothing for Australia.
    3. Tariffs reintroduced where necessary to protect our manufacturing industries.
    4. Get rid of the (in)human rights commission.
    5. Introduce laws that will stop con men getting away with their scams and sell off everything they own to help pay back money to those being scammed.
    6.Get rid of the rating system for raising money for Councils and replace it with one where every resident pays, not just homeowners.
    7. Make MPs pay rises the same as minimum wage pay rises.
    8. Make it a condition of entry into parliament that every candidate has to have had a job in private enterprise for at least five years.
    9. Allow single income parents to split their income for tax purposes.
    10. Means test the child care rebate.

  10. bert jell says:

    let the politicians work for the improvement and betterment of all the population not for the whims of their political masters ,we need a united approach to solving the nations problems