POLL: How do you rate the provision of bus services in Baw Baw?
 Baw Baw Polls   By // 09:43, Friday 11 July 2014

7 responses to “POLL: How do you rate the provision of bus services in Baw Baw?”

  1. Andrew says:

    It amazes me that Moe, Morwell and Traralgon have extensive town bus services operating from early morning till 7 or 8pm with numerous buses and Warragul has one bus operating between 9am and 3pm. Not to mention Drouin has nothing. Abysmal…

  2. Greg.julian says:

    I would have expected warragul to have an extenive town service by now and also an intertown service between Drouin and Traralgon to cater for workers. Nothing out of traralgon after 7.30pm and those ones terminate at Moe.

  3. Ray Houghton says:

    Complete lack of a service past Lifestyle Village. A service to the station would be a great asset to residents.
    The bus already goes to the hospital from the town and could easily return past the Village.

  4. Leonie Andrews says:

    Garry Blackwood is the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport yet can’t get any bus services for his own home town. They have built a new bus interchange at the station yet still only have the one town bus to use it.

  5. june dineen says:

    Which comes first the egg or the chicken? Run the busses to improve patronage,or wait for demand before running.As we see the current services are just tokens to make us to feel good, and do not meet with practicalities.Work,trains,shopping and hospital.Thanks June.

  6. Christine McLaren says:

    I voted abysmal because they are! I’ve known many young people who have great trouble getting to jobs as they need parents, etc to drive them as buses and trains are so poor. If we are to be peri-urban and the outer edge of the metropolitan area, as our Council and State Government tell us (like it or not!) then we need public transport improved by 1000%.

  7. O'mahony Joan says:

    It would be a brilliant idea if bus going to hospital would continue to Lifestyle Village , just down the hill. Some folks cannot drive any more and it would be great to have this bus service.