Leisure Centre’s $14 million overhaul nets $1,000 prize
 Baw Baw Sport   By // 22:11, Tuesday 8 August 2017

The $14 million dollar redevelopment of the Warragul Leisure Centre has netted the council a $1,000 top prize at the National Sport Convention.

Baw Baw’s site was one of three finalists in the Facility Design and Development category.


“This award is such a well-deserved achievement, congratulations to everyone involved during the 17 month project,” Baw Baw deputy mayor Mikaela Power said in a media release.

“The Warragul Leisure Centre has become a fantastic environment for the community and definitely ticks all the boxes by encouraging people to get active and create lifelong healthy habits.”

A council spokesperson said the awards “aim to recognise projects that encourage people to be active and provide them with the opportunity to play, recreate, keep fit and participate.”

This story was first featured in the 8 August edition of Baw Baw In 90 Seconds. Click play below to see the full bulletin.


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2 responses to “Leisure Centre’s $14 million overhaul nets $1,000 prize”

  1. Brett says:

    The inside pool is to shallow and the outside pool is closed. What a waist.

  2. Roger Marks says:

    The new pool does not encourage people to get active, especially older people who want to swim leisurely laps because that is all they can do.

    The old 25-metre pool was kept at 29-30 degrees. The new pool is kept at 28 degrees. Just warm enough to keep warm if you are not a slow swimmer as I am because of a disability.

    By the time I am finished, I have to go into the hydro pool to get warm. Don’t anyone dare ask me to pay for that.

    It should get a prize as an expensive white elephant. I bet anyone involved in the design never swims in it.

    Talking to Council about this is like talking to a brick wall.